How to Apply for Hostgator India Affiliate Program

Like any other web host, Hostgator India allows its customers to make money by referring other users. To become an affiliate you need to apply for Hostgator India referral program. Its very easy to sign up for Hostgator India referral program and according to Hostgator you can earn minimum INR 2250 per signup and upto INR 5625 per signup if your referral subscribes to all the paid add-on services such as SSL certificates, Dedicated IP Address etc. Also, you don’t need to have a Hostgator India hosting account to become an Affiliate.

#1. Sign up for Hostgator India Affiliate Program.

Visit Hostgator India Affiliate Program page and Sign up yourself.

#2. What’re the necessary details I need to provide

Except other necessary details such as Name, Username, Mobile number etc., you must have a PAN number [Indian users Only] to apply for affiliate program. If you don’t have your PAN number you can apply using your relatives PAN card but make sure that you’ve to provide your relatives details on sign up page, not yours.

#3. How much time Hosgator India will take to Process affiliate request

Honestly, It’ll take time. It’s not a task to be finished in seconds. Before approving your affiliate account, Hostgator will verify the details you’ve provided on the Sign up form and you’ll get email form Hosgator if your Affiliate account has been approved. However, Once you sign up, you’ll be able to login to Affiliate portal.

#4. When will I get the money, Is there any minimum balance required to get paid

Yes, you must reach the minimum balance of INR 10,000 before you are paid. If you made five sales in January, you will be paid your commission in the last week of April. Also, HostGator reserves the right to only pay for referrals that are active.

Important Notes:

  • If you refer someone and they sign up for 3 years, you still get the same credit.
  • Your customers must sign up for themselves, via your affiliate link. You cannot sign up for your referrals. The point of the affiliate program is to bring new traffic to HostGator. If you sign up for your referral, then you will not get paid for that referral.
  • You may not sign up for a New Hostgator India account via your own affiliate link.
  • Except Banners and Links provided by Hostgator, You may build your own advertising banners and squeeze page to advertise.
  • you’ll get the commission If you use your own generated coupon code directly into Hostgator website without using affiliate link but the account information must be different from your account information.

Yes, we do pay outrageous money to our affiliates, but we are very careful in tracking real sales and filtering out scam artists who think they can make some quick cash. Notice that we even pay some affiliates up to $125 per referral. It is definitely worth the extra publicity, and if your referral stays with us for several months, then we do make that money back.
And with our great services and loyal customers, we will be keeping your referrals for a very long time. – Hostgator

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You can also visit Hostgator Afflilates FAQ section.


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