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  1. Neel
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    Hostgator India has got the worst support team i have even seen.. my god i cant belive they can just close your chat, just like that if they dont like you.. i was on their chat system for about 20 mins, trying to resolve my billing issue.. when the support guys were not able to understand the issue, i was trying to explain them step by step, point by point..

    now this support guy sachin probably dont like me, so out of blue he closes my chat, updating the comment in their support system as “Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.”

    Have a look at the time fields below, it was less than 1 minute back i have replied, infact it was less than 30 secs.. but they still close the live chat session giving that damn reason..

    I choose hostgator India only by looking at their Global support, but this Indian hostgator support team is the worst support team i ever seen..

    I would strongly recommend not to choose Hostgator India. i am myself looking for another host from India and will migrate to new host for 100% sure this week..

    last few lines of my chat history HostGator India
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: out of this total Rs.3820.24, you have charged my paypal account a partial amount of Rs.1241.06 with transaction id: 8K033850H74557647
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: the balance of Rs.2579.18 i have paid with debit card with transaction id: 8383611
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] this is the only amount we have received fro your account. : : Rs.3820.24
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] so we will check with billing department and update you accordingly.
    (11:01 am) [System] Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.

  2. kumartangavelu
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    This is the worst one in India. They are not providing proper hosting solutions even they are charging more than others.
    I am the live example. Because I have changed my hosting plan from some one to here with more expectations. But when ever I started using SQL Server database, they are started sending mails that your scripts are to be optimized other wise we will stop hosting. I am using only 8-10 scripts only in my site. And my average visitors didn’t crossed 400 on any day.
    But they said like that and suggested me to shift dedicated plan. Their only aim is to sell their dedicated hosting plans to the clients.
    I sincerely recommend not to go with hostgator.in

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